Boarder’s Paradise

Remember that time ten years ago when everyone was obsessed with scooters and skateboarding was cool? Like, when you were the coolest kid in town if you owned a Razor (especially one that was tricked out with scooter bling like flashing lights and aircraft-grade aluminum), and you begged your parents to buy you one, and were suicidally depressed when they bought you a generic knock-off from Wal-Mart? Yeah, well in New Zealand, skateboarding and tricked-out scooters are still the bomb. Everywhere you go there are kids flipping tricks on their boards, weaving through busy crowds at breakneck speeds, and racing down concrete half-pipes like it’s their job. Even adults ride them to work! Like a supermarket or a gas station, every town – no matter how small – has a skate park. It’s like going back in time to 1999. And that (in addition to their laudable appreciation of fantastic 90’s hits) is why I love this country :)

Tricked-out mobility


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