A Brief Update

Since my last post, I’ve managed to check one big item off my “To Do” list in Wellington – namely, finding a lovely flat with some equally lovely flatmates (and a surprisingly lovely view, too!). I spent my first few days in the city scouring sites like TradeMe (New Zealand’s equivalent to Craigslist) and eventually found three or four apartments that fit my criteria. Even in a city full of university students and young professionals, it’s surprisingly hard to find a room with a bed, relatively affordable rent, and normal-looking flatmates with the willingness to live with someone who’d only be staying for a few months!

In the case of my apartment, I got especially lucky – it was the first one I looked at, and (unbeknownst to me) was in a prime location right on the waterfront. Even though it’s technically in Oriental Bay (one of the suburbs in Wellington City) it’s also only a 5 minute walk into the city center! I can walk across the street from my front door and be right on the water, with a view of the harbor and the city right beyond. There’s also a gym & pool right across the street, a grocery store just down the road, and a huge park connecting them all that hosts a market on Sunday mornings. AND it’s affordable (for the city), and clean, and cozy. They even provided me with a bed and sheets and clothes hangers and towels! I’m in Wellington heaven.

A photo of Oriental Bay from the hill overlooking Wellington Central – that’s me right in the center, just to the left of the big building on the waterfront (Freyberg Pool)!

The view from my front door

My room is what you might call “cozy” (probably equivalent to the size of my closet in my last apartment – although that doesn’t really count because it was a massive closet!), but it’s the perfect size for a backpacker’s limited amount of stuff. And my flatmates are pretty fantastic – a 25-year-old German guy studying law, and a 28-year-old native Wellingtonian studying fine art (painting!) at Massey. The job hunt is still ongoing, but at least I’ve got a pretty nice place to do it from :)


2 thoughts on “A Brief Update

  1. Barry says:

    You, my dear, are sooooo to be envied. Should you happen to encounter Peter Pan or Caliban; don’t be too surprised. ;-}

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