And so… where are you now exactly?

For those of you who don’t know (e.g. most everyone), I’m now living in Wellington. After a beautiful four months together (more than half of my time in New Zealand!), J, Max and I finally went our separate ways – Max to go home to his girlfriend, and J to work in Martinborough. As for me, I’m just hoping to set down some semi-permanent roots for a while, get a semi-professional job, and accumulate a semi-appropriate level of cash in my bank account (and of course enjoy what is definitely my favorite city in New Zealand a bit along the way). It’s been a big adjustment being thrust back into the ‘real world’ of job seeking, apartment searching and single wandering, but I know it’s just a new beginning. Send me good vibes for it all, and I’ll try to keep you updated along the way.


2 thoughts on “And so… where are you now exactly?

  1. Joan says:

    Hi Claire, Sending positive Karma. Enjoy. Your photos of the beaches and ocean remind me so much of Oregon that it was making me homesick. Wellington is beautiful and I am so glad you are having a great experience! Miss you, Joan

    • ClaireAmelia says:

      Miss you too, Joan! I’m surprised to hear my photos look like Oregon – the more I hear about the state, the more I’m convinced I have to go there. The US is just so dang BIG, though…! Sigh. I’ve already found a flat and some lovely flatmates, but searching for jobs has been challenging, so I can definitely use all the good energy I can get. Keep on sending those good vibes – they are much appreciated!!

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