Apples and Cash

Hi y’all! Of all the serendipitous things to happen to me lately, one of the best was finding a job just one day after my car died. It’s just a short-term, 3-month contract job working on an apple orchard, but it’s a huge relief to finally have an income again! So I’m currently living in Motueka in a converted warehouse/shed with five fellow workers/travelers, picking apples 6 days a week. The work is strenuous and the walk to town takes 45 minutes, so my updates will not be as frequent in the future, but I promise I’ll give you more details when I can. In the meantime, eat an apple for me and send me your best vibes for lots of apple picking energy! Love from afar,



3 thoughts on “Apples and Cash

  1. Yuval says:

    Hey it’s Yuval, I guess your doing my follow up work because for a month I was thinning apple tree in Hawks bay. So sorry to hear you car died that kinda sucks.
    Good luck on your travels.

  2. Barry says:

    Very interesting Karma you have there Lass… Sounds great; if not altogether ideal. :-}

  3. Sonia Kuch says:


    When a door closes a window opens. God always provides!!! HUGE apple family except for ‘moi. Unless someone cleans and cuts them for me! :-) David eats an apple EVERYDAY. Olivia can eat one everyday and Garrett enjoys them like me -someone needs to offer, cut and clean. Actually he grabs one to eat for a snack. I buy apples by the bag full every week. Our fav is the Pink Lady. What is the brand of apple you are working with? I will think of you when I pick up apples this week with a smile and love in my heart. It’s a loving connection isn’t it? Big hugs, Aunt Sonia

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