A Kiwi Soundtrack

I’ve already mentioned my love for the musical tastes of Kiwi listeners (perpetual 90s music playing on the radio = awesome), but New Zealanders also have a rich musical culture of their own. So for your auditory enlightenment and edification, here are some of the best Kiwi artists of the moment:

The Feelers, “Dasvidaniya” (the original version can be heard here)

The Phoenix Foundation, “Buffalo”

Six60, “Don’t Forget Your Roots”

Gin Wigmore “Black Sheep”

Katchafire, “Seriously”

Salmonella Dub, “Push On Thru”


2 thoughts on “A Kiwi Soundtrack

  1. Dad says:

    I like the way they pronounce “NZ” as ehyin-zed. But do they like the way we pronounce it as enn-zee?

    The Phoenix Foundation video link won’t load in the USA, but this one will:

    My favorite is Salmonella Dub, “Push On Thru”. Kinda reggae didgeridoo hiphop rock electronica fusion. (But why the product placement of the SAAB?)

    • ClaireAmelia says:

      Yes! I love the “zed” pronunciation too (they also use it in Britain, Aussie, etc.). I think one of the biggest things you can do to stand out as an American is to say “zee.” They hate it!

      I’ve fixed the link, too. Thanks for pointing that out!

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