Happy Thanksgiving!

I celebrated my Thanksgiving Kiwi-style with our neighbors from down the street and Julia, the 18-year-old girl from Conneticut they’ve been hosting for the past week. She’d convinced Pete and Suzy to celebrate like Americans and had helped them plan a dinner at their home, even though the hours of fasting, the early meal time, the over-abundance of food, and the over-eating weren’t to be completely honored (“So it’s not dinner… it’s lunch? And WHY would you have that much food? ..oh and we’re not having a turkey. They’re not in season.”) Instead we ate roast lamb, potatoes and kumaras (the Kiwi version of a sweet potato), a delicious vegetable salad and two – count ’em, two! – versions of pumpkin pie, even though the natives agreed that they couldn’t understand what all of the excitement was about. (Just means more pie for me, yum!) There was a lot of laughter, alcohol, and political discussion though, so it felt just like home. The only thing missing was the cranberry sauce!

Our Thanksgiving feast

The six of us (from the left, me, Marg, Rob, Pete, Julia, and Suzy behind the camera) post-consumption

Thanksgiving cheer!


2 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving!

  1. Aunt sonia says:

    Happy Thanksgiving! Looks like you all celebrated in style, turkey is over rated- I’d take lamb any day!

    • ClaireAmelia says:

      Lamb was a welcome alternative, and very appropriate I thought, considering the surroundings! There was a lot to be thankful for.

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