Just a couple of quick updates to my last post…

1. Here’s a video made by my flatmate Archana, which she posted to her blog. I thought it was a really well-made video, and you get to “meet” some of my closer friends here! Plus, you get a bit of an education on Salisbury, Stonehenge and Bath :)

blufolktravels: Salisbury, Stonehenge & Bath!

(Note: on her vimeo account you can also see Archana’s video of the pelican we found in St. James Park, including the outrageous Italian children pestering it! I’m amazed it didn’t swallow them whole…)

2. I’ve edited my photo slideshow in my last post so that you get a bit more of an explanation about the images you’re seeing. Most of the captions are the same as in my Facebook album, but I copied them here just in case you can’t access my Facebook photos. Sorry it took me a couple days, it was a long post to write and I just wanted to get something posted!


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